Hello babes and welcome to my blog! I’m Alayna Hendricks creator of SOUL TREND. I was searching for an outlet to connect with people around the world by sharing experiences, advice, and help you elevate to the next level. I’m a business student at The University of Toledo, originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve always had the desire to write since before I could remeber, I would fill up multiple journals a month with my daily thoughts, dreams, even occasional boys and drama. I never actually enjoyed narrative writing in school, just the idea of being graded on it made me gag. Without realizing at the time; I always had the gift of channeling to a higher power through writing from an authentic place. It’s like words flowed out of me, they almost didn’t feel like they were mine.. but something bigger. To this day you can find me at the local HomeGoods picking up some new journals monthly, it’s a ritual.

So I bet your wondering where did the name “soul trend” came from, well interesting enough.. I was driving in my car listening to one of my favorite podcasts The Champagne Diet where it came to me out of no where! I spent the last few months prior utilizing my sources as much to my advantage, hey I even tried out one of those word generators. Nothing worked, so I decided to let go and let the universe step in. I knew it would come to me, and oh it did. I wanted something short and to the point that made someone feel something. I wanted it to represent all of my passions from fashion, beauty, health, spirituality, entrepreneurship, travel, and advice. Don’t forget you should be a cocktail of passions, don’t ever limit yourself to just one goal or dream because you can have it all girl! But most importantly I wanted it to be relatable and REAL! No sugar coating here babe, we’re getting deep and vulnerable. Transitioning into your higher self is going to feel unfortable and lonely at times, you’re going to question  your entire life’s decisions and relationships.

I’m here for you, join me as we embark on this new adventure of self discovery. Lets build a tribe of strong women while we’re at it! Always reach out to me if you feel moved, or seeking advice I would love to chat. As always spread pure love and happiness!