Let’s Get Real About What’s Really Holding You Back

It’s been a minute. I have countless half-finished drafts yet to be posted. And still, procrastination creeps up. The point of this post is to state that procrastination is directly stemmed from insecurity. I’m honest about that, and that’s okay. It’s crucial for growth to be 110% honest with yourself, sometimes we create this perception of reality that isn’t our truth. My authentic self is a confident, goal crushing, light worker. I am all of those things, although I only see glimpses of her.

You have to give yourself time, master patience, and trust the process. You will see results in all aspects of your life through consistency. I believe there’s a formula to becoming your best self and bringing any dream to life. (Consistency + Accountability + Confidence + Manifesting + Action = Success) I’ve noticed this has actually come up a lot in conversation recently, I’m well aware there is something holding me back. It’s confidence. I’ve done all of the mind work that many people aren’t willing to do, I’ve removed toxic relationships and habits. I’ve switched from listening to music in the car to podcasts, I began reading books about spirituality and entrepreneurs. I stopped going out and drinking with people who didn’t even care about my well-being. I completely rewired my mindset. I don’t even know who that girl was 3 years ago, she was so weak, confused, and would do anything for people who wouldn’t even go an inch for her. It hurt, I forgave, moved on, and got stronger. I am so strong now that those minor things don’t even phase me, I am so clear on my intentions and goals. I know that the only thing standing in my way is me.

I decided to not get wrapped in deadlines, expectations, explanations, and anything else that takes power from my vision. STOP explaining yourself and doing shit you hate. STOP apologizing. (I used to have a bad habit of constantly saying sorry) No girl, you were just people pleasing. It’s okay, acknowledge it, forgive, forget, and move on.

I’ve been dealing with doubt, I am in the process of starting my own business. I’ve gotten mixed responses, most projecting their insecurities onto me. “There is so much that goes into it, more than you think.” or “You’re so young! Why rush into something like this, you should be going out with friends and focusing on school.” It seems like the people who have settled, are so quick to put out your fire. I said thank you for your input, with no explanation. As a creator and visionary it’s nearly impossible for others to see that vision. I didn’t take it personal, I took it as constructive criticism and began taking serious initiative.

This post is all over the place, but this is where my mind is at right now. I gave myself time, to see things clearly. I’ve been in a dilemma with my view on college, apart of me can’t help but feel it’s a scam. Although I’m so close to graduating I need to suck it up and finish. Everyone is on their own timeline, we learn things in different ways through different people and situations at different times of our lives. Some are meant to have a voice to change the world, while some are okay with just getting by. You can’t judge others for not having the same passion for change as you do, although just know you are special. God sent you here to inspire and help people globally, you are divinely guided by God, Jesus, angels, and spirit guides. They will speak to you through synchronicity, which is also a way to know if you are aligned and following your right path. I have seen for the last year but mostly last few months 555 EVERYWHERE! I’m talking 2-3 times a day. 555 means a huge change is on its way that will benefit every aspect of your life – a rebirth, and you are a divine being. In combination I’ve seen 444 which is your angels are with you and guiding you, sometimes I feel heaviness on my shoulders as if someone or something is actually pushing me. Pay attention when you see any sort of synchronizing numbers, every time I see them I have been talking or thinking about this new business idea. Or when I’m doing something good for my body, like eating healthy or going to the gym. It’s all a sign, to catch your attention. Some people aren’t open to receiving messages, I think that you have to be awakened and aware to a certain extent to receive and understand them.

I haven’t felt this good in a long time, since I’ve been taking care of my body and not holding myself to these crazy standards. I am not attatched to anything, I have let go of my ego and anything that doesn’t serve my highest good. I feel that within the next few months I will be a transformed individual, I will be unapologetically myself and confident. What is your intention for these last months of 2018? It’s never too late to break old habits and create new ones.

Thank you all. Spread pure love. xx



  1. I absolutely love love love this post and how authentic your pieces are! I, too, have been struggling with consistency and procrastination for multiple reasons I’m sure. This is so important and I’m so glad you shared because so many of us feel this way and think it’s just us! I think it’s so important to quiet the outside noise, most times the inside noise as well and just write what feels good and comes to you. (Sidenote – I know, I’m the queen of run-on sentences). I’ve just gotten to a point where I don’t care if I’ll look back months from now going “oh no, why did I post that,” and I don’t care to follow the posts that do better on my site. Right now, I’m in it for me and want to show people my true, authentic self while talking about things I actually care to so I couldn’t agree with this more!

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    1. Tori! Love ya girl you always show love thank you for that, it means a lot. I feel the same way, I’m not the best “writer”. Although I feel drawn to share my feelings and views on things to help elevate others. It’s so important to be vulnerable and authentic! That is my message for sure, it’s scary at first but it allows you to build those real genuine connections and relate to others. So glad to see we are not alone in this, it’s absolutely amazing! Xx


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