21 Things I learned at 21

I turned 21 years old a few months ago, March 19th to be exact. Where’s all my Pisces babies at?? Man.. it wasn’t what I expected. I thought that night would consist of partying in Vegas popping champagne. Instead I found myself ordering my first legal drink with my dad at The Cheesecake Factory. Hey!! It was a Monday. Although it wasn’t what I anticipated, it was exactly where I needed to be.

I grew up kind of quick, I underage drank in high school at parties and universities. So by the time I turned 21, I was sooo over it. I’m not much of a drinker these days, I really wasn’t back then either. Trust me, I know how to have a good time! Although, I think social drinking is all about who you are with and what you’re doing. One thing about me is I love to celebrate! If you know me personally, you know I’m all about planning, the presentation, the wrapping paper I love creating an experience! Especially for the people I love. So I vow from this point on every birthday is going to celebrated in style.. God created YOU & girl are you RARE! It’s your special day and it deserves to be well spent.

Over these years I have learned a lot to say the least, I am so proud of how far I’ve come and where I’m going. I have met amazing and some not so amazing people who have shaped me into the person I am today. I am grateful for every situation and lesson good and bad that has passed and is to come. Think about it, we are all here to learn. It’s infinite. We never stop growing, experiencing, and loving. You can always be a better version of yourself, you already are her right now! You just don’t see it yet. I hope these lessons inspire you, comment down below your age and something you’ve learned that caused a turning point in your life!

1. Let Go

That’s right, let go of your past, negativity, relationships that no longer serve you, and expectations from society. Especially when utilizing the LOA and manifesting, envision yourself as that person, having it, feeling it, believing it. Then let it go and let God & Universe step in.

2. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone

Stop telling everyone your story and playing victim, own it and move on.

3. It’s okay to be “selfish”

If you can’t love yourself you can’t give yourself fully to anyone.

4. Stop searching and start receiving

This goes hand in hand with #1, when you focus on yourself there is no need to search for anyone or anything. What’s yours is yours and will always be yours. Anything that is meant for you, will fall into place perfectly in divine timing.

5. Be unapologetically yourself

Am I making you uncomfortable and question you’re entire life?? Good. No one actually cares what you’re doing, if they do don’t take it personal they have it twisted sister and it has nothing to do with you.

6. There are no short cuts

Take your time, life is not a race. Comparison kills happiness. Be content and enjoy every step of your life, even when it gets ugly.

7. Boundaries are a MUST

This is something I learned two years ago, people only treat you as bad as you let them. Put up those boundaries, you should never risk your wellbeing to make someone feel comfortable. This goes for gossiping too, ask yourself “Why does this person feel like they can to me and say this? Stand your ground and speak your truth, even if it gets awkward.

8. Be Authentic

Always speak your truth and do whatever the f*?k you want.

9. Detach from your ego

Obviously you can’t completely get rid of your ego, we’re all human here. Although, you can control your thoughts and acknowledge them as not your genuine self. Pay attention to your intentions when you do things, want things, or buy things. Do you really want this, or do you like it because it will make you admirable to society or make others feel envious. Make sure to only do and buy things that genuinely resonate with you.

10. Stay single as long as you can

Everyone deserves love, and that person comes when you least expect it. So instead of dating to feel complete by another. Build your empire, fall in love with yourself, educate yourself, develop so much self respect your aura repels the f-boys. When you wait for someone to complete you, you’ll be left half filled. I believe a healthy fulfilling relationship consists of two individuals who are already whole coming together.

11. Shameless self promo

If you are following your dreams, you are eventually going to have to put yourself out there. That means people from high school are going to see.. don’t let that stop you. You need to get your message out there, you’re actually doing a disservice to others who can benefit from you.

12. If not this than something better

We get so attached to an end result or vision of our ideal life, which can happen. But when you get so obsessive you create resistance. Which leads to it never showing up, or by attaching to the idea so much you are actually stopping the universe and God from giving you something better.

13. Power of Patience

I’ve always pride myself in having patience, maybe it’s because my dad installed that in my brain my entire life. Meditation has always helped with this. Like I said before whatever is meant to be your is yours so don’t worry!

14. Don’t confuse schooling with education

Elon Musk says it best, I’ve thought about dropping out of college many times because I felt like I wasn’t getting anything out of it. And I could be putting that time and money into my own business. Which you can, and many other successful entrepreneurs have too. So many people have degrees, and are so lost and unenlightened. All I can say is read, listen to podcasts, and travel.

15. Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear

Shift that mindset to what could be instead of the brainwashing from society and old habits.

16. Maximize your resources

You have everything you need right now to begin and start your passion. Just let yourself be a beginner, let go of waiting for the perfect moment. It’s not coming you have to go out there and get it!

17. Accept the imperfections

I’m still healing and learning this, we were made perfect as is. Stop apologizing for talking too fast, or slouching because you feel you’re too tall. It’s okay to change things about yourself too.

18. If you don’t like it change it

First fall in love with and accept whatever it is you want to change. Then you will feel empowered to do whatever it is you need to gain that confidence back. I’m 110% an advocate for plastic surgery and doing whatever it is to make you feel confident and happy! As long as it’s coming from a place of love and respect, not hate and acceptance.

19. Action is everything

You can do all of the planning and mind work, God and the Universe is constantly conspiring for you. They will bring your manifestations to you ALWAYS. Whether you decide to take action or not dictates if you receive.

20. Always be the bigger person

Whether you’re letting go a long time friend, boyfriend, or dealing with a negative person. Don’t seep down to their level, express your truth with respect. Forgive, send them love, and move on.

21. You have the power to start over at any moment

There is no falling off your path, that is apart of your path! Everything happens with intention, whether you understand it now or not. If you don’t like how things are going, awesome there is always tomorrow to begin again. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself!

Thank you for stopping by, as always spread pure love and happiness!!





  1. Omg love love LOVE this. My 21st ideally vs the reality of it ended up about the same and though it was still a blast, I said the same exact thing: every next birthday will be celebrated in style AND preparation!

    I absolutely love #4, #9, #10, #14 (as well as the others). Such a beautiful post, I love these posts I would do another one if I could but I just made mine two months ago haha!! Ps. Love a good Pisces, I’m a taurus!! 😇

    I hope this year is one full of new experiences!

    Liked by 1 person

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