It’s Never Too Late to Build New Habits

Hi everyone and happy Monday! This past week my emotions have been up and down. (This may or may not have something to do with the new moon.) I’ve been torn between feeling grateful yet unfulfilled. I am content with how things are currently aligning in my life. I understand things take time and the divine is constantly conspiring and guiding me. Although, I can’t help but feel antsy for what’s to come. I know my potential, but when it comes to taking action — I freeze. I think it’s because I know that if I take action towards what I’ve been dreaming about for years, there won’t be any more buffering time for excuses. It’s so incredibly hard to break old habits!

Personally I want to take my health to the next level, I’m constantly stalking these beautiful strong women on Instagram with my dream body. I’m aware it’s going to be hard work, and a lot of discomfort until I build that new habit and lifestyle. I always start but never finish. I have lacked consistency in almost all aspects of my life for years. This past year I really focused on why that is, I held myself accountable and began healing. It was fear. (btw it almost always is) You are going to doubt yourself and make mistakes, you have to just let yourself be a beginner so you can become an expert through the power of practice.

I challenge you.. to begin something you have been pushing back for years. There is never going to be a “perfect timing” you just have to start. NOW. When it’s ugly, uncomfortable, and when you’re insecure. Just think, what would yourself 5 years from now want you to do today? Focus on the 24 hours right in front of you, that’s it!! Do everything you can in those hours to get you to where you want to be, those small strides turn into big results overtime.

I will keep y’all updated on my fitness and health journey, comment down below a goal you’re working towards! 🙂

As always spread pure love and happiness.





  1. I needed this! I’ve been setting myself the goal to eat and live a healthy lifestyle for such a long time yet I keep failing. I started a new journey on Monday to reallt address this lack of consistency and bad eating habits I have. I will keep referring to this post for constant inspiration. X

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