5 Influencers Who Changed My Life

Recently, I’ve been in the routine of listening to a podcast everywhere I go. Never thought I’d be that chick, but yeah never say never. Followed by watching certain YouTuber’s almost daily. I remember over a year ago, I was flustered because I couldn’t find anyone online I genuinely connected or resonated with. It honestly takes time and coincidence, I came across people at the perfect timing as if it was meant to be. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” girl, the universe has your back don’t you worry.

1. Lori Harder is the author of A Tribe Called Bliss, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and host of her successful Podcast Earn your Happy. When I first listened to this girl I shouted “this is my soul sister!!” literally I was ecstatic to say the least that I finally found someone who had such similar mindset and goals as myself. She speaks on the importance of building a supportive tribe of women who are crushing their goals while supporting each other reach their highest good. Which I am all about! Seriously if this there is only person you check out in this list, she would be the #1 I recommended.

2. Cara Alwill Leyba is the author of many successful girl boss books such as “The Champagne Diet, Girl Code, Stripped, and Like She Owns the Place.” It doesn’t stop there she also hosts one of my favorite podcasts “Style your Mind.” Where she dives deep in what’s stopping you from living your authentic truth, starting your business, women supporting women, and a hint of spirituality. This girl is the definition of fabulous, from her lavish lifestyle in Manhattan, New York to her obsession with Chanel bags. Cara is all about knowing your worth and working for what you deserve. I actually found Lori Harder from Cara’s podcast.

3. Aaron Doughty is a spirituality and self empowerment YouTuber, who posts EVERYDAY. Which is great because I look forward to his videos, it also helps me stay in alignment by allowing myself 20 -30 minutes to absorb new information while rising my frequency. It helps he’s very easy on the eyes too if ya know what I mean. He introduced me to Reality Transurfing, which completely shifted my mindset. It basically the practice of removing things you want from pedestals, and believing that everything we ever desire comes naturally to us and is normal. Rather than believing “I’ll be successful once I make $1,000,000” where if you act as if and believe without doubt that you already are a millionaire you will remove any resistance and manifest those opportunities 100x quicker. 10/10 recommend checking out his channel!

4. Victor Oddo is another spirituality YouTuber with intention of expanding your consciousness and stepping into your higher power. He is also bffs with Aaron Doughty, which is a perfect example of your vibe attracting your tribe! He does videos in detail about Ascension energy, dimensional shifts, and spiritual awakenings. He is also from Arizona which is known to be one of the most spiritual places on earth.

5. Jake Ducey is a YouTuber who’s channel shares techniques to manifest anything you want! His energy is contagious, and also posts every single day! It’s paid off since he hasn’t been on YouTube very long and is already at over 200k. It just shows how many people are awakening, it’s amazing!

Thanks for stopping by, links are down below!




• Jake Ducey YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jakeducey


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