No Pain ☆ No Gain

I’m going into my last year of business school, I thought It’d be a good idea to get ahead a bit by taking a semester of summer classes. At first I felt overwhelmed, I was looking forward to relaxing over summer vacation and thought I took on too much responsibility. Keep in mind I also work full-time at a makeup counter, combined with 40 hour work weeks it’s kind of a lot. While still trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, make time for my passions such as blogging and youtube, then making sure I am showing up in my relationships. I’m not trying to complain, I’m sure almost everyone can relate to seeking balance, especially when you’re side hustling.

Okay.. now that we got that out of the way, In my writing course I was asked to write a two page paper on a phrase from a list we believe and try to convince the audience why they should too. My phrase was “No Pain, No Gain” which I really resonated with. I may have gotten more personal than I intended. (It’s hard being an emotional Pisces sometimes ya’ll) Anyways.. I thought it might get you guys thinking to whomever may read this.


It’s inevitable as humans to experience some form of pain in our lives. Pain doesn’t discriminate; although, your reaction dictates whether it’s positive or negative. Ask yourself, am I a victim of circumstance or a fighter for what I deserve? Most of us want to believe we are fighters, but when it comes down to the wire many of us are attached to the story we have been telling ourselves our entire lives. We must detach from our past and programing from our parents, friends, and society. In order to shift our mindset from fear based to optimism you must hold yourself accountable and take action.

Initially the phrase “No Pain, No Gain” left myself feeling empowered, It’s thrown around by many successful entrepreneurs and motivational speakers I personally look up to. It’s easy to look at someone who from the outside seems like they have it all together, especially people society put on pedestals such as celebrities, entrepreneurs, and millionaires. “It’s not fair! They don’t deserve it! They don’t know real pain!” As outsiders looking in, it’s impossible to judge one’s success, since you only know what they choose to share. Most people aren’t interested on how someone got from point A to point B, they judge based off the end result. When people are bitter and judgmental over others success, it’s because they themselves wish they could achieve that. Instead of feeling motivated from others success they are drowning themselves and others close to them with their limiting mindset.

As a child of divorce, I learned this lesson the hard way. Growing up I couldn’t help but compare my family situation to my friends, I found myself constantly explaining this sugar coated version of my whole life story with the fear of being judged. I hid my pain for years, making it seem like everything was okay. I wondered why I felt so unfulfilled and insecure in myself. I realized through pain you find yourself, purpose, and passion. The confidence you lacked is no longer, once you realize you have absolute control of your life. The only person stopping you from living the life you desire is yourself.

If you aren’t willing to make sacrifices expect your life to plateau until you are forced to make the leap, unfortunately some never do. That’s why you always hear these stories of people staying in the same town, with the same job and friends. Everyone is entitled to live their lives however they wish, although the ones who aren’t afraid to take risks often change the world. On this earth I believe there is not a right or wrong way to do things, nor is it ever okay to judge others on how they decide to live their lives.

While building a new habit whether it’s changing your diet, strength training, or starting a business. You will be faced with a period of “pain” and discomfort that will test whether you have the endurance and dedication to reach your goal. After that month or so of consistency you will notice it’s getting easier, you’re adapting, getting stronger, and developing new habits to support your new lifestyle. Before you know it you’ve reached your goal, and working towards new goals bigger than you’ve ever imagined. This experience changed you, opened your eyes to how powerful our mind is. Your perception manifests your reality, once you sort out the mind work taking action is the easy part. The victim mindset of things “happen to you”, rather than “happen for you”, is the first step of powering through the pain.

At only 21 years old I am grateful and proud of who I have become. I look at my past as motivation not as something that defines me, everyone has a story and will go through something that will either make or break them. It’s your decision if you let an unfortunate situation take power over you or not. After shifting my mindset, I have seen immediate results in all aspects of my life from my confidence, work ethic, and how I show up in my relationships. I am looking forward to continuing to apply the tools I’ve learned to achieve personal and career goals, while influencing others to thrive as well.

Thanks so much for reading, I’m holding myself accountable and working on a schedule to post more.


– Alayna



  1. Love this post. You’re doing a whirlwind of things but on your last year of school, think of how worth it it’ll be once you’re done. Of course it’ll be hard and exhausting but hard work means great results, I vouch for doing as much as you can all the time. Just don’t forget to take the breaks you need from time to time, don’t let that pressure get to you. You got it girl!

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